Outstanding Quality – Reasonable Prices

PTC represents a unique consortium of sister companies in three countries, partnering to manufacture high quality, cutting edge, HPP Brand water jetting pumps, pump units, and tools at extremely competitive prices. We also offer an abundant supply of spare parts manufactured to the highest quality at very reasonable prices.

With decades of successful HP and UHP pump manufacturing experience behind us, HPP pumps are European-engineered to the highest standard and efficiently manufactured in Brazil. PTC pump units are then assembled in Houston, TX using personnel with a unique skillset developed from years of experience in engineering and manufacturing this equipment.

Our high-pressure pumps range to 40,000 PSI and 600 H.P. One of the unique features of the HPP pump line is the flexibility to mount most of the pumps either vertically or horizontally for efficient use of deck space and ease of maintenance. HPP pumps also feature an integrated gear reducer allowing for an even more compact design.

ur convertible pumps allow for 10K, 15K, and 20K operation by changing only the plunger kits. This is made possible due to our Intellivalve technology. And when maintenance is required, the hinged discharge manifold swings up for easy access to all fluid end components. NO lifting devices or special tools are necessary.

We understand parts pricing plays into your choice of equipment and we invite you to examine our spare parts and accessory prices. You will be pleasantly surprised!

High quality, ease of maintenance, and reasonable prices! PTC Waterblasting Systems is ready to provide all of your water jetting needs!

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