Diesel Units

335 Series Diesel

PTC Waterblaster 335 Series Diesel Driven


The PTC Waterblaster 335 Series units are designed to meet the complete needs of the water blasting industry.

Our pump power ends can be mounted vertically or horizontally, which is unique. The inline fluid-end has a unique patented Intellivalve Technology. This is easy to assemble, quick and easy to maintain in just 15 minutes. Instead of 27 parts to remove there are only 3 pieces for the suction discharges valve and seats.

In order to upgrade the pressure and flow from 10K up to 20K you only need to change your plunger kit (suction/discharge valves and seats will be not replaced and can be used from 6K psi up to max 20K psi).

The 300 Series pumps have a max pressure of 20K psi / 1,400 bar (40K psi / 2,800 bar for UHP version), a flow rate up to 60 gpm (228 l/min) and the power to tackle the toughest water blasting applications. The crankshaft is only running 480 rpm which reduces your cost on parts and leads to longer life.

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Easy Power XL D

PTC Easy Power XL Diesel Driven


Easy Power XL D: diesel power in a compact unit. Flexibility and independence in every application.

General features:

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